7Seeds Part 2 Anime Series On Netflix

7SEEDS PART 2: "Japan's last survivors continue to navigate the dangers of their new world and one another. But the bonds of humanity, past and present, never fade."
Netflix and Japanese animation studio Gonzo had teamed up to adapt Yumi Tamara's Japanese manga series "7 Seeds" (7SEEDS セブンシーズ Sebun Shīzu), with "Part 1" debuted April 2019 (see trailer below), and you can check out my previously featured teaser and character art HERE. I personally never did watch the series though.

7Seeds Part 2 is scheduled to premiere March 26, only on Netflix.

7SEEDS PART 1: "Natsu awakens to a post-apocalyptic world, only to learn that she has been cryogenically frozen as part of a program to ensure the survival of humanity."