#watched #BERSERK Anime S1E1

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End plate for the new BERSERK anime - which unfortunately the rest of the first episode aesthetically do not match.

Mired in darkness for most of the ep, perhaps the filmmakers were trying to show us the world in which Guts inhabits (as the fairy inexplicably mentions).

Nothing to "wow" perchance providing a mild stirring f "curiosity", alas ... If anything, I'd say that ep1 was not a good start. They show a tortured soul doing terrible things, amidst glimmers of goodness, which a stranger had to explain to everyone watching the anime...

So I don't really know if they are trying to FEED the audience, or convince themselves they are doing something worthwhile.

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The next episode promises to be much "brighter", "visually" at least - as seen at the prologue at the end of Ep1.

I am not too conversant in the lore of either the manga nor previous animation - and even if I did finish the Golden Arc trilogy, I am left unconvinced nor moved by the end, save for the mind numbing gore without going into bloodp0rn, twitching away in the echoes of my echoed mind ... so perhaps this might be a "start" of a "new beginning", off my viewing pleasure?

Am frankly not too keen about that... I'm not even sure if I'll be back for more tho... but to be "fair", I might attempt to take in a couple more episodes to decide it's "viewing list" fate … funnily I remember saying that for Joker Game nor Terra Formars Revenge, so we'll see when I see it hahahaha

The "allure" of GUTS (in lieu of the story in "Berserk") had always been the "character design", which for me is heightened with the toys / action figures (especially Threezero's), but there's only so much you could hinge on his CG-animated shoulders, IMHO.