Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster

For years, I have vaguely remembered this particular weekly anime, whereby there were four giant robots (with human pilots within, of course), but what made them "different" from the other giant robots cartoons, was that they wielded weapons, like battle axes and mace! Other than just "swords", I mean :p

The name(s) is/are "Blocker Corp Machine Blaster" (ブロッカー軍団Ⅳマシーンブラスター) … also "Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster" … also known as "Tempe Asoka Robot Bergabung" in Malay, and "Striker Force" in the Philippines!

I knew Marcus had blogged about (that's where I knew the "name"!), and I knew if ever I had stated an anime/otaku-bog, I would def blog about it, and here we are! True story :)

I remembered watching them on the Malaysian channel TV3 in the early evenings (around before dinner time before the sun set) and I could not understand a single word they were saying, because they were dubbed in Malay! (not even if they were in their original Japanese language I could understand LOL) … but the mecha design appealed to me then, a simple primary school kid who knew not much about anime, much less appreciate the complicated notions of Gundam, Macross (but I loved the Mospeda motorbike change!). So simple shapes and colors held my attention, even enough to sit and wait for the daily evening prayer breaks or news breaks in the middle of the episodes - which was fine as I did not know what they were talking about anyways :p

Literal decades later, I am reunited with the Machine Blasters, embraced by fond non-distinct memories, and a slew of collectible action figures I would have LOVED to own! And I hope I don't need to wait a few more decades to snag them too! LOL

Above: Sandaioh & Bosspalder
Below: Robocles & Bullcaesar

Astrorobot contatto Ypsilon:
WHAT-IS: "Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster (ブロッカー軍団IVマシーンブラスター?) is an anime series aired from 1976 to 1977 in Japan. There are 38 episodes aired at 25 minutes each. It is also known as "Blocker Army IV Machine Blaster", "Blocker Corps IV", "Blocker Army IV", "Blocker Corps", "Machine Blaster" and in Italian version as "Astrorobot Contatto Ypsilon".

Concept: The number 4 comes from the team of 4 robots. The robots individually have their own weapon, but they can also be combined to form a fire ring which cuts through the enemies. It was not the most popular show since anime powerhouses Gaiking and Combattler V, which featured more creative combinations and designs, were ruling the airwaves."


  1. A Machine Blaster website was created a few years ago in anticipation of a remastered DVD release and a much overdue sequel. Read all about it on their official website.

  2. Much thanks for the link and headsup @coltulit!!!! :)


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