Behind-the-scenes filming of "Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers" (2006)

"Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers (ウルトラマンメビウス&ウルトラ兄弟 Urutoraman Mebiusu ando Urutora Kyōdai?, lit. "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers"), an Ultraman Mebius theatrical film adaptation and Kaiju film, was released in Japan on September 16, 2006. It is the 10th original film series in the Ultraman franchise, it also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the franchise. The movie peaked at 3rd in the Japanese box offices." (Wiki)

FULL FILM (No Eng Subs):

Ultraman Mebius and The Ultra-Brothers vs... by 62Goji