The Art of SHOHEI

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: "Shohei Otomo is one of the most high-profile names of Tokyo's independent illustration scene. His hyper-realist ball-point pen illustrations combine traditional Japanese and pop-culture imagery to present a biting commentary on contemporary Japanese culture."
"SHOHEI" (as he is known as) has his, Instagram @hakuchitare, and for folks to keep track of his art and life. The son of Katsuhiro Otomo (the creator of Akira), Shohei Otomo is described as "a modern day artist who draws with traditional Japanese influence combined with modern style."

Here are some select artwork and videos, to gawk at. Mind you, these are all low-res pics reproduced here for visual reference.

"Japanese artist Shohei Otomo (aka Hakuchi) shows us that his motherland has a rockin' pop culture like no other. Using simple ballpoint pen, he mixes old and new school images with his references to the Samurai, Geisha girls, and the Yakuza. Above all else, one thing is certain, Otomo does not hold anything back with these extremely detailed illustrations."