#watched #WorldTrigger Ep58 (Slight #Spoilers)

Just as I was bitchin' (in my mind :p) about how Yuma has been a lacklustre fighter in recent episodes of WORLD TRIGGER, dude goes all Black Trigger in Ep#58!!! Been a while since we saw him in his "Neighbour" battle-suit, and realized I really missed it - and what made him not just more visually design-attractive, but also him being "special" compared to the regular Agents in "Border" … he has obviously taken back-seat to other characters needing to have their say and story be told, but I am happy to see the "old" Yuma back!

"Replica" makes a "return" under particular circumstances, which angered Yuma, and triggered his transformation to his Black Trigger, and I cannot wait for Ep#59 next week, for when he goes head-on with ANOTHER Black Trigger user!

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