#watched OnePunchMan Ep12 - Seeya Soon, Saitama!

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And the ONE PUNCH MAN anime comes to a quick close with Episode 12, which aw yet another blindingly glorious array of depictions of POWER being unleashed, without the need to explain the origins of said power(s) - which to me has been perhaps one of the more satisfying factors for this anime, as compared to other genre mediums out now, which strives ever too hard to explain WHERE and HOW the powers came about / originated from.

Even as a (casual) geek like myself, the logic of achieving and possessing supe powers is strictly held in the Realms of Fiction, and I selfishly want to just see said powers welding and executed in fantabulous ways and means - to which the OPM name had been able to provide me that "instant gratification" of having someone appear, have powers, then fight, then loose, rinse and repeat … and I loved that guilty pleasure hahahaha

Maybe in time I'd do further in-depth analysis of the anime (I've never read the manga, and do not intend to, fhanks) … but then again, I'd like to enjoy it for what's it's worth, at face value - something I picked up from the "attitude" of series' protagonist, "Saitama" - who does what he feels he needs to do, rather than wait for Heroes HQ to instruct him, or for the cheers of the fans.

Can't wait to see you again soon, Saitama!

#watched #OnePunchMan #anime Ep12

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#watched #OnePunchMan #anime Ep12 ... I'm hoping this means there'll be a second series tho??!!!

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I would really like to be as ripped as Silverfang is at his age ... #watched #OnePunchMan #anime Ep12

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Oooooo Saitama's pissed now... You're screwed, bro! #watched #OnePunchMan #anime Ep12

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#Spoiler Oohhh you're screweeeeed now! #watched #OnePunchMan #anime Ep12

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#Spoiler Oohhh you are SO SCREWED now! #watched #OnePunchMan #anime Ep12

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Killer Move : Serious Series ... Serious Punch


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hella ride, Saitama! Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long for Series 2 of #OnePunchMan #anime !

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