A Look at "Miki & Moka" / Q&A with Ujin Yumeno

With my visit to Creative Market (May 2015 Edition) over the past Saturday, I purchased a manga-styled black and white comicbook from artist "Ujin Yumeno", for which I'd love to share page snaps of with you folks here (posted with permission … pages presented ,ight not be in sequence tho :p ) - along with a lil'Q & A with Ujin about his book "Miki & Moka", and his art - Read-ON!

TOYSREVIL: Describe to first time readers what your book "Miki & Moka" is about, Ujin!
UJIN YUMENO: On My Way Home – Miki and Moka is 2 mischievous sisters who were lost after a day out. They encountered a weird creature and got kidnapped! Are they able to escape from the creature's horrible lair? This is (my) first original comics.

TOYSREVIL: How long did it take you to complete all?
UJIN YUMENO: It took me generally 2 weeks to come out with the story board and character design. The first draft took me only 24 hours, during the 24 Hour Comic Challenge Event.

Then it took me another 3 weeks to Pencil then 3 more weeks to Ink.

TOYSREVIL: Can folks buy this online? Or do they contact you directly?
UJIN YUMENO: I have sold out all my copies during the Creative Market last week. I will be printing a limited amount for the upcoming CharaExpo, where I also have a Booth. Interested readers can get a Copy from me via email, (ujinyumeno@catsaretiny.com)

The Story is also available for everyone to read for free on my website www.catsaretiny.com.

TOYSREVIL: What else have you published, and what can folks look forward to from you, Ujin?
UJIN YUMENO: Miki and Moka is the first Comic I have created. I also have a 2nd one published by TCZ entitled 'TwinSouls", reader can read it by visiting comixmag.comics.org.sg.

I am currently working on a 3rd Story that will be released during the CharaExpo, June 21 called "The Third Prince". Do look out for it.

TOYSREVIL: Can you share with us: "Who Is Ujn Yumeno"?
UJIN YUMENO: Ujin used to be a Hardcore Video Gamer and a Pokemon Professor who dabbled in Oil Painting when he was in school.

He was mucking around in the World of Warcraft when two kittens invaded his home with high powered rifles and threaten to destroy his collection of Japanese Manga unless he start drawing comics about their adventures.

Ujin has since produced a comic book titled 'Moka & Miki's On the Way Home' and is now working on a webcomic series about the two Kittens, who have built a cardboard fortress on top of Ujin's closet and are watching his every move.