My Top Ten Fav Anime (Series) Theme Song #2: "Crowds" by WHITE ASH (Gatchaman Crowd OP)

WHAT-IS: I list my Top Ten Fav Anime Theme Songs from Series (MOVIES will be another list), with the entire list since posted here. THESE blogposts however, includes TOYS!

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME THEME SONG #2: "Crowds" by WHITE ASH was used as the opening song for GATCHAMAN CROWD, and is the only other reason why my memory of the anime remains untainted 100%. I tried to give the anime a chance, but by the end of the first season, I was disappointed and infuriated actually … but the song - with it's splendid base hook - never disappointed.

GATCHAMAN CROWD - was to me as well, a wasted opportunity for toys, especially the awesome that could have been had with the characters' mecha-armored forms be made action figures by S.H.Figuarts ala "Tiger & Bunny" (which I personally collect and adore). But I guess one forgettable season maketh not memorable action figures ... maybe when the second season makes more converts?

What to look out for instead, are "Ichinose Hajime" and "Utsu-tsu" as Nendoroids by Phat! Company. So far this is the only image of the graphic circulating in the www (Pic via nendo-ko) - hopefully we'll get to see them toys soon!