Introducing Anime: Boogiepop and Others (Premiered Jan 4, 2019)

ANIME TITLE: Boogiepop and Others

SYNOPSIS: "The Mystery of The Haunting Urban Legend.
There is an Angel of Death known as Boogiepop who releases people from their pain and suffering. A spate of disappearances occurs at Shinyo Academy. But is it Boogiepop, or something more sinister?"

1 Hour After Japan
Premiere: 4 Jan, FRIs 23:00 [22:00 id/th]
New Episode: FRIs 23:00 [22:00 id/th]
Encore: SATs, 20:00 [19:00 id/th]

1. One of the most highly anticipated titles for 2019. #4 most anticipated title for Winter 2019 in Japan.

2. Directed by Shingo Natsume and produced by Studio Madhouse, the creative team behind the success and popularity of the first season of One Punch Man.

3. Adapted from a light novel. Previous adaptations include TV anime series (2000), live-action movie (2000) and manga series (1999).

4. The original anime series was a hit, and is noted for its engrossing plot and non-linear storytelling.

WATCHED: I've actually had a chance to watch 2 & 1/2 episodes, and found it "interesting" but somewhat ambivalent about what is/was going on ... upon googled-research, I do understand about it being/featuring multiple P.O.V.s ("Points of View") from different characters, but the mystery remains plodding, IMHO. I more likely will not continue to watch this, until maybe later when there are more episodes to binge on, as I have not developed a curiosity enough to follow it on a weekly basis. The trailer showed/shown so much promise tho...