MEGALO BOX Anime Ends: My Impressions of Ep. 12 Finale

*WARNING: Image featured is a SPOILER for the story in Ep.12*

I really appreciated the finale to #MegaloBox, where the result of the fight itself was not as important as what happened next. While not exactly the bombastic ending one might expect (only becoz we have been weaned on fantastical climaxes in all forms of media these days), the calm and positivity shown before the credits rolled, really warmed my own heart and brought a happy quivering tear to my old school anime-loving soul.

I will miss you, MEGALO BOX. 12 Episodes now completed, and I'd prefer folks to leave it that way, no sequels, thanks :)

I'd previously blogged about my impressions for the anime HERE on I NOT OTAKU!, and had wanted to wrap up the post, as the series ended, thank you for your patience and collective understanding :)

Previously blogged about #onTOYSREVIL: , & #iNotOtaku!:

Here are a few animated clips of the animated sequences that were "broadcasted" on the Megalo stadium screens (in the anime episodes), now seen in "full" screen glory :)

Glen "Bloody Lion" Burroughs vs "Gearless" Joe

Pepe "Spider" Iglesias vs Yūri

(Unfortunately no English subs):