"Totoro" at Amazing Japan Model Expo 2015

Spotted at Amazing Japan Model Expo 2015 (a-m-expo.com) is this depiction of "TOTORO" the beloved "dragon cat" from Studio Ghibli's anime classic "My Neighbor Totoro" - seen here as a wet+wild-furred crazy-eyed with cheshire smile feline, all hanging on a tree-branch dioramic base - and it looks AWESOME!

Loving the little girl (what's left of her exposed feet anyways ... or so I assume s a "girl" :p) trapped behind Totoro - and I am choosing to see this as a "playful" act, rather than an outright menacing smother MUAHAHAHAAAAAA :)

Source: @T_SONOYAMA / @na_ta_s / Kinisoku (via RocketNews24).