SHOWA ULTRAMAN Kaiju Decapitation Compilation Videos


Here is some classic movements from Showa Era Ultra Part 1

Posted by TOKU & ANIME 4EVER on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Here are a couple of compilation vids of some classic movements from “Showa Era” Ultras, which were much more violent than memory served! But then again, maybe we’ve been subliminally affected since childhood? LOL
WHAT: Showa Ultras” are Ultras that first appeared between the First Ultraman Series to Ultraman 80's Series, from the 1960's to 1980’s.” (

Here is some classic movements from Showa Era Ultra PART 2
Sad react for this Kaiju Era 😭😢

Posted by TOKU & ANIME 4EVER on Saturday, December 2, 2017

The “Ultraman” on TV I remembered were mostly punching, kicking and even displayed wrestling moves (See 1966’s Episode 1 / English dubbed), but hardly THIS drastically “violent” - and I love this!

The most vivid memory I have of Ultraman shows were the blinking “Colour Timer” (on his chest) - which was both exciting (as some killer-blow is gong to happen!), and eventually “annoying” - which I guess was a sign I had grown out of the shop, IMHO :p

Looking thru the various changes thru the years, I reckon I/we got the most memorable of the Ultraman, IMHO - hahahaa - here’s hoping the “new” manga re-designed Ultraman to turn 3D CG animated film would be more exciting that a kiddie-hero-in-a-suit schtick!