“Warm Hat, Winter Canada” (あったかい、冬カナダ) Short Anime for #CoolCanada

A short anime film directed by Hisayuki Tabata, and made by some of the same people who made "Your Name" (according to Inside Vancouver), promoting winter in Vancouver and Canada - during the campaign period of Sep. 20 (Wed) - November 30 (Thu)!

Let that premise sink in for a moment … using Japanese anime-styled aesthetics to promote tourism in Canada’s winter … Talk about an “interesting” approach! And tres forward thinking, IMHO ... But there is a story to somehow explain the context of “anime” …

STORY: "Yuya Miyagi in the 5th year of the society is calm and quiet but has an active side such as preferring a backpacker journey. Her flavor Satsuki is a junior in Yuya's college in the second year of a society. I am busy everyday. In order to refresh such Satsuki, Yuya invites Satsuki for the first time and travels to your favorite country, Canada. What two people met in winter in Canada. It was fun, more than anything you could imagine, clean, and warm." (Translated from Japanese).

Original Japanese Text: ”ストーリー
Check out the official website at www.canada.jp/winter2017 for more info (Page in Japanese text).