「DYNAMIC 豪!50!GO!」 - GO NAGAI 50th ANNIVERSARY @ SEIBU Ikebukuro (March 25-30)

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Go Nagai’s career, a dedicated event titled “GO NAGAI 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL” is organised at Seibu Ikebukuro, Japan - where a slew of artists are participating with their interpretations of Go Nagai’s manga/anime characters - including “Mazinger-Z” and Devilman”!

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS/MANUFACTURERS include UAMOU / Medicom Toy / Bullmark / Bear Model / Action Toys / Marmit / Big One Craft / Mitsurin studios / SECRET BASE / PUNK DRUNKERS / T9G / Shoko Nakazawa / sio / ENIGMA / Konatsu / DAN / DEVILROBOTS / P.P.PUDDING / LEO sofvi bouya / Teresa Chiba / Hikari Bambi / Hinata Kaori / and many more - A select few previews from which are showcased here:

The event launches March 25th and exhibits thru March 30th, 2017 at SEIBU Ikebukuro Main Store (*at the Seibu Gallery on the second floor). There is an official site you can visit for details (Site opens March 17th).

GO NAGAI 50th 4
Sofubi figures from #ActionToys
Height approx.: 260mm (Baron Ashura), 250mm (Mazinger Z, Kabuto, Garada, Doubras), 240mm (bow Sayaka, Afro Dye A), 200mm (Boss Bot Bot)
GO NAGAI 50th 5

(Info via uamou.com + sofvi.tokyo)