"Official Tezuka Tribute Celebration" - 70 yrs of Osamu Tezuka & 40 yrs of Unico @ Gallery Nucleus (Oct 8-23, 2016)

gallery nucleus

Celebrating 70 years of the legendary godfather of manga, Osamu Tezuka and 40 years of his beloved Unico series, Gallery Nucleus will be hosting a gallery exhibition featuring tribute artwork from over 30 artists, with new exclusive prints and more. Shown here are a select preview of artworks.

Official Tezuka 70th / Unico 40th Celebration opens October 8th and exhibits thru October 23rd, 2016. The Opening Reception is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th (7:00pm – 10:00pm).

Above-left: “Princess Knight” by Philip Light / Above-right: “Mr. Tezuka” by Jed Henry

Above-left: “Astroboy” by Anthony Holden / Above-right: “The Atom” by Erik Ly
Above: Framed "My Unico" Marker & ink, 11x14 by Brianne Drouhard
Cameron Garland 1
“Astroboy” paper sculpts by Cameron Garland
Cameron Garland 2
violainebriat 3
Above Artworks by Violaine Briat
alex ahad
Above Artworks by Alex Ahad

Dororo piece finished for #Tezuka Nucleus show #dororo #artshow #gallerynucleus

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