A Look at #ToukaKirishima #PopVinyl from #TokyoGhoul by Funko

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"Touka Kirishima" #PopVinyl from anime Tokyo Ghoul in da house! And of course her companion figure "Ken Kaneki" could not be found, alas ... Need to track Ken down!!! Here's hoping the Singapore-psyche doesn't make folks think a "sole Ken" will sell better than WITH Touka … *crosses-fingers*

Well they got her purple hair and red eye sorted, complete with a chibi-kagune exuding from her back, and we've got ourselves a Touka!

Frankly, any release from the anime would have Ken Kaneki front and center, so having a Touka is pretty fun and exciting a situation, methinks!

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#playingwith #funko #popvinyl #toukakirishima's Color Tinted Translucent "Kagune"! #toylife

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I understand the "Super-Deformed" aesthetics, as well as needing to fit into the standard display box ... But imagine if Touka's "kagune" was 3-4 times larger? As seen in the anime? It would have been the awesomesauceness!

Yes, I am greedy that way :p

And oh yeah, the base plate was a nice add though, to assist in the figure standing = Kudos, Funko :)

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In the case of anime-character related releases, I am somewhat appreciative of Funko, as their price points are achievable, especially for a none too hardcore a collector as myself, with statutes the norm for anime releases, they sometimes cost quite a hefty chunka financial commitment, ya know?

Luckily I appreciate the Super-Deformed / Chibi aesthetics and Pop!Vinyls stylings suits my personal tastes - beady eyes on square faces it otherwise hahaha … Well, I sure cannot afford "Nendoroids" ALL the time, ya know? (Even then there are licenses they do not have too…), and maybe sometimes we don't need THAT many-a-articulation, IMHO.

Well, I wouldn't mind an interchangeable (separate) "kagune" attachment, I have to admit … *cough*

But, FIRST, I NEED a "Ken" to complete this two-some!