#watched Terra Formars Revenge Ep1

#watching #terraformarsrevenge #anime Ep1 - prepare to inject the serum and transform now!

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A lil'flashback reminder never hurt anyone ... #watched #terraformarsrevenge #anime Ep1

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And where #terraformarsrevenge is, is a NEW mixed bag of cheekiness, anime inner monologues, a pseudo fan service segment, some faux melodrama, with a touch of violence ala series one ... And the serious tone of the first series has somehow been given a lighter touch in the first episode of the new season so far, and I am not sure if I like this ...

It is obvious they are trying to appeal to more peeps with these hijinks - and it's the producers' prerogative, of course, but ... I am so NOT looking forward to a "Terra Formars Lite", you know!

I guess to me, the allure of this anime before was the brutality and ultra violence (without it being a horror project) and the seriousness of the characters involved, and not necessarily the plot per se, because it is straight forward and non-too cerebral, IMHO ...

Of course there's also the "mystery" of the roach aliens' genesis (which to me is way too obvious now)...

I will at least stick around for a couple more eps to see further developments ... Or I should recalibrate and readjust my own expectations of this anime? ... But this is not the #TerraFormars I remembered, and enjoyed before in the first season ... :(

Found the above featured video comparison online that shows you the visual difference between the first and current season! While LIDENFILMS helmed the first season, season two includes TYO Animations.
"… A sequel to the anime titled Terra Formars: Revenge was announced in November 2015, with changes to the series' main staff and the main cast returning to reprise their roles. Liden Films and TYO Animations are producing the sequel." (Wiki)
(Above screengrab by Mascera)

If you caught / will catch the first ep of the anime you'll recognize what's happening in the scene, and realize that this is NOT the Terra Formars from Season One … :( *shudder*