#animewatches Ending Soon

If I count Mobile Suit Gundam ‪‎Iron‬-‪Blooded‬ ‪Orphans‬ and ‪‎Dimension W‬ later tonight, I would have had FOUR anime series end their runs this week alone! Just finished ‪‎GATE2‬, and yesterday ‪HeavyObject‬ ... my otaku-heart sobs silent anguish of emptiness to come … but there's still World Trigger, and maybe I could return to Durarara Season 1 … but frankly my interest for that anime has but dried up pretty quickly, like what happened to Concrete Revolutio, actually haha … can't really force myself to "like" an anime, I reckon, as instinctively you'd have to like and enjoy it first before choosing to continue with it … #firstworldproblems

There's also Terra Formars Revenge on April 2nd to look forward to too! But first, still need to watch and relish Dimension W and IBO first!

JOIN ME in watching the finale for IBO on Daisuki.net? :)

Thus far I've not exactly been detailed about my impressions for the animes I follow, having decided I'd rather enjoy them and attempt short impressions on my Instagrammed "screensnaps", in lieu of lengthy discussions of each episodes or even video-ed "fan reactions - as is the norm these days, in whichever part of the globe you might be from - proving how much I "suck" at doing this blog-thing hahaha

Nevertheless, I'd still endeavor to share my enjoyment for anime instead :)

Anime-ON, folks!
And enjoy your Easter Sunday!