#watched #HeavyObject Ep.15

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The boys are caught with porn mags by a group of uniformed female officers in Ep.15 of #HeavyObject anime - and guess where they are sent off next? BACK to the Antarctic for when the first episode started!

But of course after a round of pool where the words "Titan Tits" were used straight into Frolaytia's face, and of course we were treated to unbuttoned blouses and tight stretched pencil skirts over black stockings, yet again … *nose-bleed*

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We return to the scene of devastation for when Water Strider got destroyed, and now another conglomerate attempts to scalage the ruins … and in the midst of it all? 2 Elites fighting over. a maintenance crew member - and it doesn't take a genius to realize it is Qwenthur (although he himself could not see it and needed Havia to knock some sense into him) - with "Princess" Milinda and Ohoho from the "Information Alliance" battling it out in their own Objects!

Good to finally see Objects going at each other again straightup bullets to bullets again, but that didn't last long too, and both Objects retreat for repairs, or as Havia names it "Pitstop" (ala Formula-1 when the cars return to change tires, etc).

Qwenthur turns the "hero" again and infiltrates Ohoho's Object mid-maintenance ... so who's caught in the spider's web now huh? In the immortal words of Ohoho; "ooOOOooohhhHHHHooooo!"

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