#watched #HeavyObject Ep13+Ep14

#watching #HeavyObject #anime - catching up with Ep13 #inototaku

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New Opening Song and sequence from Ep13 of #HeavyObject #anime #inototaku

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New Opening and Ending songs made their debut in Ep.13 of HEAVY OBJECT, along with new OP and ED animated sequences, which sees more characters appearing, both in the uniformed side and the elites (so it would be interesting not to see JUST Havia and Qwenthur :p), and seems our "Princess" is getting to be quite "possessive", and is prone to act on it too!

The urban jungle story arch ends in Ep.14, and we et to see all four principals in a single scene together, winding down and chatting about how when Qwenthur grabbed Frolaytia's breasts, and tis funny how the Princess plays along too … Ep.15 will see a new adventure beginning!