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Itami is encouraged by his superior to go handle the Fire Dragon problem, but not under official orders, to which he vermedently refuses to … but at the same time, the "blonde elf" Tuka has gone nearly bonkers - insisting and recognizing Itami as her "father" - after a fateful confrontation with another elf from another clan, "Yao", who too implored Itami to help her kill the Fire Dragon which threatens her own tribe.

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There is as well a couple of subplots brewing, with Princess Piña obviously being duped into yet another palace intrigue by half-brother Diablo (introduced in Ep.2), while the Bunny Warrior (first seen being ravaged by Zorzal in Ep.1) had and still is actually perpetrating a subterfuge … we'll see this pan out no doubt in subsequent episodes.

After a period of time where Itami assumes the role of Tuka's father, he decides to finally face the dragon, hoping that such a confrontation would help Tuka in her state of tortured mind … Rory and Lele joins him, and the episodes ends when Itami drives the vehicle with Rory, Lele, Tuka and Yao along for the ride … interesting it's One Man with 4 Ladies - as GATE is not one for sexism when it comes to "responsibility" to a task, IMHO.

The preview sees our crew facing off the Fire Dragon in the next ep … have they bitten off more than they could chew? Stay tuned!

Catch the full episode subtitled in English before it gets pulled off youtube: