My #SundayAnimeTrip - Oct 11th Edition

My Sunday Anime Trip last night was marred slightly by blurred vision, resulting perhaps from the haze irritating my eye-balls? Or something more dire (which I will have to get looked at by specialists soon :( …), which had me miss One Punch Man! Will sort that out soon this week, or by next Sunday …. meanwhile, I managed to devour World Trigger, Heavy Object, Young Black Jack and Iron Blooded Orphans (and chosen not to follow Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou as I did last week).


#WorldTrigger Ep49 begins a new storyline, featuring new Neighbor monsters, and new Neighbors (last glimpsed at new anime sequence) … #SPOILER: in what would be a "chase" happening now on Earth from opposing Neighbors!

And as well, the anime enters their 2nd year of broadcast, which is essentially awesome cool as most anime completes a season in under 20eps (10 / 12?), and yet WT has gone straightup to Ep49! CONGRATS! And as well looking forward to finding out what happens next!

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#watching #HeavyObject Ep2 #anime - getting ready to engage the enemy!

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Following the history lesson in Ep1, the beginning of Ep2 launches into an intense battle between two Objects, and they are not mucking about with the destruction level too! All tees are effin' brutal (exact phrase on my mind as I watched it unfold) with Death, Destruction, and Sacrifice! Loving the drama of it all!

And just when I thought it was all pathos and destruction, the boob situation and remark suddenly happened without warning, and my "faith" in this #anime is restored hahahaha

Good and fun episode, and I am really liking this series so far! #HeavyObject has become a weekly MUST-WATCH for me!

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The opening track of #YoungBlackJack reminded me of an "idol drama" ... So would this make a "idol anime"? out of YBJ? LOL

Looks like Hazama might be in a bit of trouble this episode, with his bare-bodied and hand-cuffed! If this were a live-action show, folks might say "unnecessary" bare torso, but I call "fan service" LOL

#SPOILER AHEAD: Essentially Ep2 sees our titular doctor-in-training being "asked" to do a heart transplant operation, to which a surprise twist left the doctor intact with his integrity. Nice job, this!

Matching the "idol drama" vibe, there is just waaaay much "drama" in each episode so far! A wool lot of pathos squeezed out of stories, and poignant exclamations and statements … Needs to be viewed to understand what I mean. Nothing too "tiring" (yet), just needs some getting used to, methinks :p

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And while I have my personal hesitations to continue forth with Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, the visuals are something to enjoy, I have to admit … here's the full 2nd episode, clean and crisp! ENJOY!

PLOT: "The adults of CGS flee in the face of Gjallarhorn's attack, using Mikazuki and the other children as decoys. Gathering the children who have been left behind, Orga decides to fight back against Gjallarhorn, and puts a certain plan into motion."