The Empire of Corpses from #ProjectItoh


Posted by Supercell Illustrators on Thursday, August 13, 2015
WHAT-IS: "The story of The Empire of Corpses takes place in 19th century Europe, and revolves around John Watson. He is scouted by the government to become a secret agent- However, Watson lives in a world where "Frankensteins"- human corpses that are re-purposed with a false soul in order to use them as laborers- are used to improve industrial development." (

Illustration by redjuice

As enamored with the psudo-steampunk elements seen in the video up top, as well I recognize the visual style of redjuice ("Guilty Crown"), and how can anyone forgo the "charm" of a Victorian-dressed up lady with a machine gun? LOL

(No English subs)
"Project Itoh (伊藤 計劃 Itō Keikaku?), real name Satoshi Itō (伊藤 聡 Itō Satoshi?, October 14, 1974 – March 20, 2009), was a Japanese science fiction writer and essayist.

Noitamina, a Fuji Television programming block devoted to anime, announced that they will be adapting three of Itoh's novels into animated feature films. All three films will be handled by different studios and directors. Genocidal Organ will be directed by Shuko Murase at Manglobe, Harmony will be co-directed by Takashi Nakamura and Michael Arias at Studio 4°C and The Empire of Corpses will be directed by Ryotaro Makihara at Wit Studio. All three films will also feature designs by illustrator redjuice and be released in 2015."

(Promo video announcing all 3 films / No English subs)