My #sundayanimetrip (July 19)

An eventful catchup to my weekly Sunday Anime Trip - missing out on last week's viewing (as I needed to prep for a new job), whilst having a chance to get in eyefuls of them today!


WORLD TRIGGER Ep.38 saw Osamu stepping up and taking "responsibility" for his past action (I never was so proud of an anime character!), hereby starting the storyline for the future. As well the "B-Rank Wars" begin, and our intrepid team gets a "new" operator and moves forth in how to achieve the plans they had set forth by setting up this team in the first place.

I like how all these current situations and plans connect to the past plot points of the series, something plannable in a long form series, I reckon.

Ep.39 goes "live" later on tonight, so I'll see if I can attach it, or save it for next week instead!

Truthfully, I had not intended to continue watching GATCHAMAN CROWDS INSIGHT after experiencing Ep.00 and Ep.1, but thought to give it another go today, and managed to watch Eps.2 & 3, and I find them rather enjoyable, in that Ep.2 was not too cerebral and light-fun, while Ep3 had the entire line-up of Gatchaman transform into their G-Suits! Kinda excited about that hahahaha

For me it was simply "style over substance" this week for Gatchaman, so it all worked out … Not sure about Ep.4 next week tho hahaha

And for my third anime-watch this Sunday, I decided to give GANGSTA a go, finishing up two episodes - 2 & 3 - and having fun learning more about Nicolas, Worick, Alex and new folks, Nico and Dr Theo, with Ep3 shining the spotlight on some of the other folks in town … def an anime I'll continuing giving a go :)

Only #anime I know of that shows sign language ... #watching #Gangsta Ep2 #Sundayanimetrip

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Next week I'll add GATE to the watch-list, and move o from there … thanks for reading so far, and check out my hashtag #Sundayanimetrip on Instagram for when I snap+share pics as I watch them! :)