My #SundayAnimeTrip watched on a Monday (June 22)

With my Sunday physically spent with a visiting friend (*waves to Marine*) and viewing television series instead (Dark Matter and the finale of The Producers *sob*), I had instead had my #SundayAnimeTrip on a Monday nigh instead, and was rewarded with a splendid viewing of three anime, sans "ARISE: Alternative Architecture".

The battle with Aftokrator ends in Ep35 of World Trigger, while both Plastic Memories and Kekkai Sensen will have their seasons end by next episode/week … I try not to think or worry out that too much and enjoy my viewing nevertheless …

WHAT-IS: "(Most) Every Sunday I devour a selection of my regular anime follows, and instagram screen-snaps on @toysrevil first (hashtagged #sundayanimetrip) and then blog about it here on #iNotOtaku, along with short summaries (sometimes SPOILER-ish, most times not) and my personal impressions. Nothing too cerebral (this isnot that kind of blog :p), just sharing my passion for and geeking out with fellow anime-geeks. Welcome to my #SundayAnimeTrip :)"