A Look @ #TokyoGhoul DVD (Region 3) Box Set

Remembering my first introductory post about the Tokyo Ghoul anime back in end-January, I was in so much awe, and even after devouring the entire season two / Tokyo Ghoul √A, the excitement might have shed it's initial glistening shininess, my manlike for it has not faded … and I hope to one day soon relive and rematch the anime, but thi time in much better visual quality, thanks! LOL

Purchased this at LASERflair in Century Square (Tampines, Singapore) for a princely sum of SGD$16.90 for Episodes 1-12 (bought together with Kill la Kill) … now the thing is to find a way to watch this Region 3 DVD as my laptop player is kaput! AARRRGGGHHHHH… just hope the subtitles can be removed and not embedded unto the visuals tho … :p

Here are snaps of the box-sleeve, with the covers of the jewel-box replicating the sleeve gggrrrrr LOL