#TerraFormars - Akari Hizamaru from Figuarts ZERO

Bandai's Figuarts ZERO is releasing "Akari Hizamaru" from TERRA FORMARS in what seems top be the frst for this character. Seen here in his mutated form, SRP is 4,860 JPY (Bluefin Corp has it priced at US$41.99. Standing approx. 140mm tall, this statue is made of ABS & PVC, scheduled for an April 2015 release.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: "Although not for the squeamish or faint of heart, "Terra Formars" has become a manga and anime sensation. The popular characters from this series now join the ranks of the FiguartsZERO statue series starting with Akari Hizamaru, the main character who derives his powers from the Japanese Bagworm Moth. Cockroaches beware! Portrayed with intricate detail in a dynamic mid-swing katana pose and flowing jacket this exquisite sculpt employs translucent parts for enhanced realism. Statue set comes with a special display stand that depicts Mars' planetary surface."