Japan Anima(tor) Expo: Episodes 1-4

WHAT-IS: "Japan Animator Expo (日本アニメ(ーター)見本市 Nihon Animētā Mihon'ichi?) is a weekly series of original net animations released as part of a collaboration between Hideaki Anno's Studio Khara and Dwango, consisting of various anime shorts produced by many directors. The project began release from November 7, 2014 and is streamed worldwide on Niconico." (Wiki)

Truthfully, I had not bothered to grasp at attempting to understand these words when I first chanced upon them not too long ago, until I rediscovered the concept by viewing and enjoying THAT "Evangelion: Another Impact" clip, which I found out to be one of the episodes (Ep.12, actually) in said series, which I managed to watch the sex-n-violenced-up Ep.14 "Sex & Violence" and the utterly adorable Ep.15 "Obake-chan" - which to me is an epitome of J-anime, to a pedestrian like myself. And I subsequently devoured the rest of the episodes from 1-til-15 again (I watched "Lil'Ghost" 3 x times too heehee) and beyond.

In the following few blog features, I will attempt to introduce+guide folks thru the different eps, and perhaps try to offer up some clips or videos, along with poorly-pixelized screengrabs … meanwhile, you can make your way to http://animatorexpo.com/ to sate your desires for short-form anime :)

Ep#1: "The Dragon Dentist" (on animatorexpo.com) - directed by Ōtarō Maijō

WHAT: "A young girl takes up the dangerous task of brushing the teeth of dragons." If I had watched this series starting from this ep, I'd go "WTH?" … Luckily I embraced the notion of "anthologies" and had not expected anything long-form-story-telling concepts hahaha

Ep#2: "Hill Climb Girl" (on animatorexpo.com) - directed by Azuma Tani

WHAT: "Hinako, a cycling fanatic, challenges another boy to a bicycle race." - With a nice hint of "Tour de France".

ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko TeddyLoid from David Dělo Lebl on Vimeo.

Ep#3: "Me! Me! Me!" (on animatorexpo.com / Video above) - directed by Hibiki Yoshizaki

WHAT: Featuring otaku's dreams and carnal desires manifested unto a slice of eye-numbling anime by way of a Music video for Teddyloid (TeddyLoid is a Japanese DJ, MC, and electronica musician)! Be prepared for tons of T&A, with bouncing boobs alongside panty-upskirt peeks, she-daemons and mecha transformations, all set to pulsating techno music. Mos-def *NSFW*

Ep#4: "Carnage" (on animatorexpo.com / IMDb) - directed by Akira Honma

WHAT: "A one-armed woman with a dark past seeks revenge against a certain man." - A group of men, actually … a brutal piece with bloodshed and mild nudity, so *NSFW*, just in case … AND I am dying to see this made a live action film ala "Kill Bill"! hahahaha