ASTROBOY Reboot Teaser from Caribara Animation

Osamu Tezuka's "classic" manga/anime character ASTROBOY gets a modern updated REBOOT with a decidedly Western animation style in this new animated TV series, with the above teaser video a taste of what is to come.

And while I am amblivious to the intents and end-game of this notion (the reasons nicely put in quoted report featured below), I remain personally interested still in remaking classics and to appeal, and reintroducing them to new generations - be it with "Good" or "Bad" results, IMHO. I cannot judge what I see here, until I hear the "voices" of the characters LOL

"Monaco-based Shibuya Productions, Japan’s Tezuka Productions and France’s Caribara Animation are launching a brand new animated TV series reboot of “Astro Boy,” one of Japan’s most famous anime properties … Action-packed, and made up of 26 half-hour segs, skein will mix 2D and CG animation and target new generation of 8-12-year-old kids who do not know the show. -reported Variety (June 2014), who also adds "The retread will be set in the present and boast a contemporary design, targeting new generations of kids. It will incorporate new characters and combine “positive things from the past version and new elements” added Shibuya Productions founder Cedric Biscay.