Toy Review: Wild Tiger & Barnaby Brooks Jr by S.H.Figurarts x Bandai

And while I had blogged about seeing "Tiger & Bunny" at Anime Festival Asia, I perhaps might not have expounded on my sudden obsession with the anime! After purchasing the S.H.Figurarts editions of "Wild Tiger" and "Barnaby Brooks Jr." - I went in search of the anime online, and eventually devoured 25 episodes within a week, all the while "playing" with said figures, and find myself thoroughly impressed with the make, articulation and quality of Tiger and Bunny! I was so amazed that Tiger could literally stand on one leg lol Needless to say, I am now a staunch fan! Of both the anime and the toys! (Better late than never, I suppose ;p).

Perhaps one day I will film a video review about them, but meanwhile here are some snaps to contend with, while I go hunt down the other HEROES released, including "Sky High" and "Origami Cyclone" (which I had in hand just a day before, but was 'expensive' for SGD$60 each). And for reference sakes (in lieu of a "price check"), both Tiger and Barnaby were bought from the Bandai booth at AFA for SGD$38 each. Looks like I have to be patient for the next event when Bandai appears, to score items at less than secondary market value!

[ Blogged on TOYSREVIL circa Nov 2012 ]