Toy Review: Tiger & Bunny's ROCK BISON from S.H.Figuarts by Bandai


And while I was pretty esthetic on receiving my ROCK BISON action figure by S.H.Figurarts, I have to say, the leg joints (connected to the body/torso) are extremely loose, making it pretty hard for him to stand up straight, without falling sideways! Now this is extremely perplexing indeed! How am I to display him next to his best buddy WILD TIGER now?

Otherwise, this is one smart looking figure, and an exceptional addition to my Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. action figurines from Bandai!

Rock Bison is a character from the Japanese anime "Tiger & Bunny" and is a career superhero for HERO TV, under the guise of "Antonio Lopez", a "Salaryman Hero". Rock Bison stands slightly taller than Wild Tiger the figure, so I am pretty appreciative of sizes in relation to their anime-personas. The price for Rock Bison can be quite polarizing in the secondary market, so I'd recommend you search around and compare prices before deciding to bite the bullet. Also bare in mind the shipping costs too).

"Antonio Lopez" is the civilian guise of "Rock Bison": 'A green-armored brute nicknamed the "Bull Tank of the West Coast", and Kotetsu "Wild Tiger" Kaburagi's best friend since high school. His power renders him invulnerable. After ranking last in Hero TV's standings behind Origami Cyclone, he was in danger of losing his job as a hero before helping to catch a backstage thief. His bull-themed costume, which is equipped with large drills on its shoulders, includes advertising for Japanese barbecue restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku. His sponsor company is "Kronos Foods".' (Text Description via Wikipedia / Turnaround drawings via Tiger and Bunny)
[ Blogged on TOYSREVIL circa Dec 2012 ]