TERRA FORMARS: My Impressions of the Anime So Far & The Live-Action Adaption by Miike Takashi

I can see the appeal, much like how "Attack On Titan" parallels the group dynamics and intelligent nemesis ... But up until binge-watching Ep.5, I am still struggling with really like it, the pace going real slow ... and so much pathos and tears hahahaha

I am also intrigued with TERRA FORMARS as Miike Takashi also known as "Takashi Miike" ("Audition", "Ichi the Killer", "Crows Zero", "Crows Zero 2", "Zatoichi", enough film references? :p) has since been reported to be directing the Live-Action Adaptation of the manga! I can see the appeal and suitability of the sci-fi-genre and am actually looking forward to this :)
"Written by Sasuga Yu and illustrated by Tachibana Kenichi, it's been serialized in the Weekly Young Jump since 2011. A crazy, bloody, adrenaline-pumped action-sci-fi-horror series, it's quickly become a hit, selling millions of copies worldwide. It's also spawned an anime of the same name, an OVA, and a spin-off manga titled Terra For Police.

Reportedly, the film has been in development for two years already. There's no word on a budget or cast as of yet, but, given the film's setting and the story's action-heavy nature, Terra Formars might be Miike's biggest and most spectacular blockbuster to date."
-reported Patryk Czekaj on twitchfilm.com