#INotOtaku's Open Submissions Call for Fanart (Feb 2015 Edition)

The first Open Submissions Call for #fanart of the following anime (includes custom art toys ;p) to be possibly featured on the #INotOtaku blog:

1. Attack On Titans

2. Tokyo Ghoul

3. Death Parade

4. Psycho Pass

5. Tiger & Bunny

Please include the following:

- It Has To Be Your Own Work! Be it drawn, illustrated, customized, it must originate from YOU, and not using or submitting someone else's work instead, thanks.

- Image minimum sized 500 pixels across (portrait or Landscape)

- Feel free to watermark your drawing/image - BUT I reserve the right to reject image if watermark found too obtrusive or unrelated, thanks :)

**If you are selling prints or customs, provide information I can blog about, instead of embedding them on the image, thanks.

- Your Name/Nick to be used/published, and a URL I can link to. If multiple URLs are provided, I will choose only one URL at my discretion to publish, thanks :)

- You will not be financially compensated for any submissions, thanks. And I will not publish nor print your submissions beyond posting them on my blog and on Facebook / Twitter / social media :)

- Email direct to "toysreviler [at] gmail [dot] com" with the subject title: "I NOT OTAKU Submission", thanks!

Cheers and looking forward to your works, folks!