Book Review: Tiger & Bunny Groundwork & Rough Picture Limited Edition by Shueisha

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Acting from a tipoff from a reader (thanks Adrian G.!), I procured this "Tiger & Bunny Groundwork & Rough Picture Limited Edition" by Shueisha on HobbyLink Japan without fully knowing what the toy included in the set was (I was and am still am obsessed with 'Tiger and Bunny' tho lol) and when the set arrived today, I was esthetic! Shown here are snaps of the box-set (as well individual images uploaded HERE on my Facebook album).

The "Tiger & Bunny Groundwork & Rough Picture Limited Edition" is essentially a set released by Shueisha in February 2012, with the package including a Japanese-language illustration softcover "art" book (featuring comic story panels, character design and sketches), a swell fold-out poster (featuring the "Salaryman" human alter-egos of the "Superheroes"), and a S.H.Figuarts Wild Tiger Masakazu Katsura" Original Color Version" articulated figure! I'll have a closer look in another post :)

[Initially posted on TOYSREVILcirca December 2012 ]