Putting anime newsery on my PopcornX movie fan-blog seemed somewhat stretching the genre, although I continue still to feature anime-related toys on my primary mothership daily-blog at TOYSREVIL, hence I NOT OTAKU is born!

I am a 45 years Oldtaku* (NOT "disenfranchised with Otaku culture" but a literal "Old(er) Otaku ~ heh) with a penchant for Japanese anime and related merchandise, but not necessarily as "hardcore" in terms of expenditure or understanding the deeper nuances of the genre or Japanese language - as I am a "fan" and not a "scholar" - nor do I need to engage in "enlightened conversations" in relation to said genre, hence a "tourist" I remain .. or push comes to shove; a "highly interested and invested individual" with desires of select anime toy-hoarding and spending my eternity watching anime TV series and movies (in original Japanese language with English subtitles, fhanks), and of course geeking out with like-minded folks, and sharing my anime-binge-watching and anime-related experiences and purchases, on this humble blog.

As well I am embracing my Singlish - not for the sake of or gimmick - but because it somehow feels "right" … someday I might explain it all, or I might not. Dun matter, right? Just enjoy, can? I Not Otaku, But I Like :)

**Yes, I continue to delude myself that I am "NOT" an "otaku", but you know what? YOU decide if I am, or not :)

Andy "Otaku" Hengster

P/S: The doodle is a "self-portrait" I had done in 2014, specifically for my trip to Thailand for Bangkok Comic Con 2014 (4-6 July) - which showcases my reportage of events with taking Instagram snaps fro my iPhone3 - which now also works as a "curious" oldtaku taking in the sights and sounds of J-Pop culture LOL