ULTRAMAN & ULTRA SEVEN 400% Be@rbricks from Medicom Toy

"ULTRAMAN" and "ULTRA SEVEN" are to be available as 400% (aka 28cm tall) BE@RBRICKS from Medicom Toy, and will be up for Web Lottery Sale" starting December 22nd to 23rd, 2018 (View deets on medicomtoy.tv while I suck on my thumb). Retail price is ¥9,504 each (approx. US$84 / SG$116)... I've not checked if this would be available outside of Japan, but I am sure you'll be able to find your own sources otherwise :)

And while I do adore Ultraman - for all its childhood memories it has imbedded my addled brains with, "Ultra7" (Whom I used to call "Ultraman 7") bore one my favouritest Ultraman-designs (I loved that his mohawk head-piece has a deadly use lol), and more likely left me a memory of "loving" the number "7" thru to my grownassadultlife! Seven-Seven-SEVEN! LOL

I don't own a whole lot of 400% BBs (counting less than the fingers on one hand, including 2 x EVA BBs :p), but I sure would love to own these! I'll never reach the mega collection featured here, but ... Heh.