#animelife 2018 (#otakujournal)

Not too long ago I started to rewatch (older) anime films I had in my collection, which led me to literally dig out whatever I had, so it would make it so much easier to reach whenever I had the desire to watch them, and found my collection is indeed wanting, with hecka loads more in "VCD" format, which at this point is unplayable on my conventional machines/computer, which makes me utterly sad.

Most recent anime film watches had been Mamoru Hosoda's SUMMER WARS (trailer above) and the late Satoshi Kon's PAPRIKA (opening sequence featured below) - all watched in OG Japanese language with English subs.

My wish is to one day be able to browse thru a video store (good luck with THAT, I know, right?), and pick up my faves - and by that I meant NOT in Singapore - as the titles are pretty much mundane, but perhaps in Japan? Yeah, "wishes" ... as opposed to buying them offline, which I've always felt was much "different" an experience, at least to my sensibilities ... but who knows?

Featured above is a selection of what I own, and shown below was the film I had been looking for, and the reason for digging out my anime films in the first place :p