About That Kaiju-Decapitating Ultraman from the 60s

My earlier fond memories of "Ultraman" on tv were essentially the giant alien Ultraman (men+woman) battling/wrestling with giant kaiju / monsters, and eventually kicking their butt while his chest jewel ("Color Timer") blinked ...

I don't remember "Ultraman" to be so excessively and gloriously "violent" in my childhood viewings ... but perhaps they had been censored for local television - no doubt much more for Malaysian broadcast (for which I remembered my childhood viewings were to Malaysia TV channels ... all my Ultraman characters spoke in Malay).

I seriously doubt this'll reach broadcast air these days ... but would make HELLA AWESOME VIEWING! Well, for us kidults anyways ... I haven't watched Pacific Rim Uprising as yet, but seeing THIS video compilation first, sure would color my impressions LOL

Momentos Ultraman / Ultraseven

Momentos Ultraman / Ultraseven

Posted by Geração Atari - Anos 80 on Sunday, December 3, 2017


I've no tangible historical reference, but a random search on youtube garnered these schweet selection of video complications (courtesy of Rob Lee kill counts) for late-60s to early-70s Ultraman shows - specifically for decapitations - Gotta love the 60s LOL