RX78 GUNDAM & ZAKU Inspired Munny Customs by Jan Calleja

My eye-balls figuratively popped out of their eye-sockets the I peeped this pair of customs from Jan Calleja on his Facebook last night! Shown in splendid full frontal are RX78 GUNDAM & ZAKU Inspired Munny Customs - which are commissioned custom project done on 7-inch tall Munnys, along with his "usual plastics and found objects ... and lots of blood, love and sweat." said Jan - with WIPS featured in the slideshow video below:


(Char's) ZAKU was completed first, while the GUNDAM is fresh and awesome! I'd heartily recommend you folks to contact him thru his Instagram @jan_calleja for your own commissions, AND CLICK HERE to view all his works featured #onTOYSREVIL!