With 2017 winding down around the corner, I've still plenty of C3AFASG posts to publish and share with you guys (which will continue forth into 2018)! Meanwhile, here are a couple of video round-ups to see what I saw thru the lens of my iPhone6, at the inaugural C3Anime Festival Asia 2017!

The two video shown here essentially feature the SAME visuals - with the above vid having a music backing track (in lieu of all location noise) ... while the video posted below, instead features the existing location sound, recorded on-site!

For more coverage of the 2017 Edition of #C3AFASG, please check out my hobby-blogs #onTOYSREVIL, and of course HERE on I NOT OTAKU!

Thank You for watching and "Liking"! Hope you enjoyed your AFA as much as I did!