Kumatetsu BE@RBRICK & King Kazuma R@BBRICK from Medicom Toy in 1000% & 400%

This image excites me aplenty - featuring characters from Mamoru Hosoda's films - on-left: "Kumatetsu" from 2015's "The Boy and the Beast" (バケモノの子 / watched), and on-right: is "King Kazuma" from 2009's "Summer Wars" (サマーウォーズ) - both of whom are depicted in BE@RBRICK and R@BBRICK form, in both 1000% and 400% FTW!

Both BE@RBRICK Kumatetsu 100% & 400% (Sized 70mm/280mm) and R@BBRICK King Kazuma 100% & 400% (Sized: 80mm/320mm) are priced at 10,800 yen each pair. Scheduled release is December, 2017, so you might also want to check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability.


I heart both films, and doubly-heart Mamoru Hosoda's films (which includes "The Girl Who Left Thru Time" and "Wolf Children"), and the toys elicit my interest because of them, truth be told. Rather than straight-up character figures who look like they walk off of the screen, I like my toys somewhat "different" in design form - ala a Chibi (Nendoroid) or stylistic adaptation, such as these Bearbricks! (Different from "Evangelion" though, I love them either way :p).

Above: BAKEMONO trailer / Below: Clip (w/ English Dub).

Above: SUMMER WARS Trailer / Below: Fight Sequences between "Love Machine" & "King Kazama"