Bandai x Sanrio S.H.Figuarts Figures seen @ C3 Anime Festival Asia 2017

Bandai does Sanrio characters in a S.H.Figuarts articulated figure line dubbed “Figuarts ZERO”. And while the line is not “new”, the collection of figures have seen releases since as early as January 2017 (“Hello Kitty”) to the latest in August 2017 (“Rilakkuma” and “Korilakkuma”), with everyone else in-between.

And while I’ve seen images online, this was the first time seeing them “in-person” and held in-hand, which made them more “tempting” that they weren’t before (I’m the “tactile” who NNEDS to handle my toys LOL), having seen-n-snapped these at the recent C3AFA 2017, at the Bandai Sales Booth. Prices ranged between SG$20 to $35 Singapore dollars each (Price tagged in individual images posted below).

PRESS: "Figuarts ZERO figurines feature stylish proportion and high-precision sculpts at an affordable price. Focusing on realism and collectability Figuarts ZERO figurines bring out the best of the characters they portray."

And it is indeed “refreshing” to have (somewhat) characters such as the from Sanrio, to possess “articulation”, as opposed to the norm of anime/J-Pop toys of this genre in full statue form. Admittedly the toy-temptation was boiling at the surface, but I reckon this would serve the more “hardcore” fans of these characters much more than I would :)

If I had me a girlfriend or wife (who LOVES Sanrio characters in the first place :p), she’ll be having a pretty swell collection of Christmas presents this year LOL

But if it were just for me (I wish I could afford more toys tho lol), “WHO” do you think I’ll bring home with me? :)