Old School Anime AMV of the 80s & 90s FTW!

The above edited AMV has a rather fancy name of “Retroshooter (Carpenter Brut | Old School Anime Mix)” - done by Max Graham, essentially utilising “Carpenter Brut - Disco Zombi Italia” as the base track, set against “Old School Anime” of the 80s+90s, and the result is pure AWESOME, and prime video evidence to the epicness of Japanese animation before the advent of computer renders!

Yes, OF COURSE I am biased, as I grew up on these, and as much as I adore the world building of Studio Ghibli, and the advanced action of CGI projects, I still have a personal soft spot for these “old school” cel animation, which quite frankly gives a whole lot of current offerings a run for their money!

It’s okay if you don’t agree with me, and it’s also okay if you do not recognise any of the anime shown here, and do feel free to track down THESE names to catch-up!

A.D. Police Files OVA '90 | Akira | Angel Cop | Armitage III OVA '95 | Battle Angel Alita | Black Magic M-66 | Bubblegum Crisis OVA '87 | Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 TV '98 | City Hunter TV '87 | Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door | Cyber City Oedo 808 | Dominion Tank Police OVA '88 | Ghost in the Shell '95 | Goku Midnight Eye | Golden Boy | Gunsmith Cats | Guyver OVA '89 | Initial D: First Stage | Kite | Macross: Do You Remember Love? | Macross II Lovers Again OVA | Macross Plus: Movie Edition | Manie-Manie: Meikyuu Monogatari | Memories | Parasite Dolls | Patlabor OVA '88 | Patlabor: Early Days '88 | Patlabor TV '89 | Patlabor: The Movie '89 | Patlabor - The New Files OVA '90 | Patlabor 2: The Movie '93 | Perfect Blue | Riding Bean | Seijuuki Cyguard | Spriggan | Venus Wars | You're Under Arrest! TV '96 | You're Under Arrest! The Movie.

Over the weekend, the tunes of "Journey" echoed in my mindscape, brought on the thought that "they don't make songs like this the way they used to" - in so much the song contents, the lyrics and the story they tell - beyond the obvious deriding of "auto-tuning" and "melody gimmicks" (versus "melodious song composing") - that perhaps the songs of "before" and the songs "now" each tell different stories, it's just WHAT relates to WHOM, that endears songs - and in this instance, "anime" - to the viewer.

All I can naively hope, is for folks to "rediscover" the "old", as much as they do embrace the "new" :)