C3AFA SINGAPORE 2017 @ Suntec City (Nov 24-26)

Since it’s rebranding, “C3AFA” has since launched in Bangkok and Jakarta, and in Tokyo THIS very weekend too! And this coming November, C3AFA SINGAPORE 2017 will be heading to Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 24th to 26th of November 2017, for three days of all-things J-Pop!

Head on to www.c3afa.com/sg17 for more details, and I’ll leave you folks with a few select peeks from what happened at C3AFA Jakarta - specifically Creator’s Hub (incarnation of “Artist Alley”), and the FRAME ARMS Girl BASELARD AFA- ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA - Seika Ver. exclusive plastic model kit! And will she also be available at C3AFA SG?

Creators Hub booths at #C3AFAJKT !

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Featured above are video highlights for C3AFA JKT, while below we have video highlights from C3AFA Bangkok! NO, I am not the event’s “official blog” or anything like that, but I am always glad to see folks enjoying themselves in their selected geekery and can totally relate!

AND you can see the scale of the event, has exponentially grown more massive, innit? EXCITING!

I am wholly unsure of C3AFA SG will “welcome” me this year, but I sure hope to enjoy in and soak in the fandom! Not too sure about the “queuing” tho … :p