Dancing Chibi Final Fantasy Figures in "You Reposted in the Wrong Fantasy"

Featured above is the End Credits dance seen in PS4’s “World of Final Fantasy”, with all the Final Fantasy characters in chibi-form! The video has since been dubbed over with the tune “You reposted in the wrong neighborhood” - which Behind The Meme explains as;
"You reposted in the wrong neighborhood is a popular and catchy remix song that has become a popular trend online. The song is often posted in various remix videos that has people or characters dancing in tune with the music. The music is a remix of two songs, "Casin" by glue70 and "shake that" by eminem and nate dogg, they were combined by a sound cloud profile of an artist named SHOKK."
Here’s the exact same end-credits chili-video, but with the track:


All the above was brought to my attention with interest from the video below, which appeared on my Facebook feed (Thanks Shantel Knight!) … C’mon, you know this is CUTE, do don’t fight it … EMBRACE THE CUTENESS!