Voltes V & Grendizer Dunny from SEN Custom

Voltus V pic1

SEN Custom (Instagram / Shop) shares with TOYSREVIL word and images of his latest custom 3” Dunnys - featuring old skool favourites VOLTES V and GRENDIZER Dunnys!

Grendizer 3

They are available as set or individually, and folks interested should DM him direct at “yanssensugianto@hotmail.com” for pricing and deets (Tell him TOYSREVIL SENT YOU!)
"I have been fascinated by old mecha anime since I was young, so I really enjoyed making these customs. I will be making more of mecha custom toy in the future." - shared Yanssen Sugianto.
Given his previous track record with Evangelion and Voltron Dunnys, I cannot wait!

Grendizer 2
Voltus V pic2