TOYSREVIL @ #AFASG16 Anime Festival Asia 2016

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9:45 AM
This time tomorrow I should either be on my way, or have already arrived at Suntec City convention Centre for Day One of the annual Anime Festival Asia 2016 (Nov 25-27)!

This year would be slightly "different" as I'd not be able to buy me some toys, having not rationed my funds at STGCC and IAF before, I'll rather not deplete my savings and will promptly be sucking my thumb this time around :(

I heart AFA for the anime-related toys, an being in a single spot where everyone loves what you like and not be judged ("relative", I suppose), and enjoying the display shelves and stacked boxes ... I am always on the look out for Evangelion, Tokyo Ghoul, One-Punch Man, and more recently Attack On Titan, but I'm losing interest in that tho ~ haha

Wifi is not too bad in Suntec, so I'll be hashtagging coverage at #toysrevilafasg16 :)