1/6 ONE–PUNCH MAN: SAITAMA from Threezero Releases Nov 15 for Pre-order

Threezero presents the 1/6 Articulated Figure: SAITAMA from anime ONE–PUNCH MAN, with a scheduled online pre-order via www.threezerostore.com for a limited time starting from November 15th 9:00AM Hong Kong time (No fixed end date as yet).

Online via Threezero is priced at US$160 (1245HKD) with worldwide shipping included in the price. The Threezero Store Exclusive version available for pre-order is priced at US$180 (1400HKD with worldwide shipping inclusive) and comes with “OPPAI” logo Hoodie; Cotton Pants; Sneakers and Exchangeable Bare hands: One Pair Relaxed, One Pair Firsts and One Right Gripping Hand!


Scroll down for MORE images, including breakdown for the basic figure set!

ONE-PUNCH MAN 1/6 Articulated Figure: SAITAMA stands ~12” (~30cm) tall; and includes Two Interchangeable Heads: (1) Serious expression, and (2) Usual comical expression.

Articulated figure features the following clothing and accessories:
Tailored Hero Suit Costume with Cape;
“Munageya” Supermarket Shopping Bag;
Snap-lock Coin Purse;
One Package of Crab Claws;
One Leek.
Collectible comes with Exchangeable Gloved Hands:
1 pair relaxed;
1 pair fists;
1 pair gripping.
Threezero Store Exclusive version in addition comes with following:
"OPPAI" logo Hoodie;
Cotton Pants;
Exchangeable Bare hands:
1 pair relaxed;
1 pair fists;
1 right gripping hand.
*Final Product May Vary From Prototype Images.