Medicom Toys’ ”ALL JAPAN ULTRAMAN PROJECT" Bling Releases

Medicom Toy celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Ultraman with a series of TCJ REBOOT releases from the "ALL JAPAN ULTRAMAN PROJECT" - with prices ranging between US$3,000 to US$15K - currently on pre-order (Dateline September 30th), with a late-March 2017 ship out, and they are pretty, well, “SHINY”!


The 290mm tall “Ultraman Tear Halo Swarovski” (above) is literally covered in Swarovski bling, and is priced at a modest ¥300,000 (US$2,992 / SGD$4,046). Likewise the the similar sized “Ultra Seven Swarovski” (below); priced as well at ¥300,000.

Ultraman 7

But if you are in a more “celebratory” mood, there is also the 800mm tall “ULTRA SWEETS” - featuring a sculpt by Kaiyodo, with a price tag of ¥1,500,000 (US$14,962 / SGD$20,231) - a true mark of an Ultraman-collectible connoisseur aficionado!

ultraman shine

But if all the bling is too “busy” a visual aesthetic for you, you have the “Hyper Soft Vinyl” Edition ULTRAMAN in Platinum and/or Gold Version to consider! Showcased below, the smooth and shiny stoic space hero stands 800mm tall (excluding the base) and priced at ¥800,000 (US$7,979 / SGD$10,787) each!

“Pre-ordering” might be a snap, but do consider getting a security detail for when you collect them from the store or post office after they all ship out in March 2017!